Eternally Fresh: The Prince of Bel Air!

The Fresh Prince himself.

Will Smith as The Fresh Prince himself.

Nothing, and we mean nothing is as classic as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air; not even Clueless.  Anybody who grew up in Brooklyn in the 90’s knows the Fresh Prince, was the Freshest for a reason: killer kicks, classic prints, and a style that comes through as, not only incredible, but relevant today. It was look inspired by Hip-Hop, surf-wear, west coast preppy, and Op art.

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We at L Train Vintage are incredibly inspired by the art direction and stylist for this show. Thanks to the creative crew and the awesome actors they supported, we have received some of the greatest and most classic looks of the 90’s.

Fashion in the 90's

Vintage Fashion 1990’s Street Style Video- “Thrift All the The Way as they say in New York”

Strolling through the internet we stumbled upon this awesome bit of vintage footage from the 90’s, the vid gave us a perspective on the vintage, thrift, retro, and upcycled fashion that inspired many of the prints, styles, designers, and models of the 1990’s. From London to New York City “Thrift all the way…”. Plus who would’ve thought Naomi Campbell was all about the thrift?

First things first: “You can’t wear only designer clothes, you look very odd, it doesn’t feel natural, you have throw in something that you decide.”- Stella Tennant the 1990’s face of Channel

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.08.49You’ve got to know how to shop girls!”  Gramma Funk

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.10.01

“Thrift all the way as they say in New York.” – Lucinda Alford

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.29.50

Their’s a certain amount of… well known designers that plunder thrift-shops for inspiration.” Jon Savage

Check out the KinoLibrary on Youtube for more archival 90s footage.

-L Train Vintage: Vintage + Upcycled Clothing and Footwear, Brooklyn, New York

The shores of the cosmic (and tropical) fashion ocean.

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This shot was taken by at an Australian music festival!

We here at L train Vintage love Carl Sagan’s Cosmos from back in the 80’s; while we did not grow up on it, we certainly watched it, almost religiously on Netflix, much to St. Carl’s of the Vernacular Sciences probable dismay. If there is one thing Carl Sagan taught us it is that the most mind blowing facts, dare I say the most psychedelic facts, about life can be found in the world of the sciences. So that we here at L Train Vintage, redefine Psychedelia is anything that helps us experience something that transcend time and space, giving us a larger view of life.

What better way to celebrate those cosmic facts of life, those ideas that seem to transcend individual human experience, then with the mind-blowing psychedelic fashions and experiences of music festivals and the love of all things tie dyed.

Tie Dye, LtrainVintage, Music Festival,

Jenny Lewis at the NYC Governors Ball Music Festival Rocking an Expertly Tie Dyed Blazer! Shot by Emily Tan.

Psychedelic Electronics at the Governors Ball NYC 2014 shot by

Psychedelic Electronics marriage of art, science, and technology, ( oh and colors ) at the Governors Ball NYC 2014 shot by

l train vintage, vintage fashion, brooklyn , new york

A Complete Psychedelic Summer Outifit assembled by L Train Vintage  (@ltrainvitage) at our 654 Sackett St shop in Brooklyn!

We at L Train Vintage take our fashion inspiration from false color and true color pictures of the Universe created by the NASA space program during the 60’s, 70’s + 80’s. Along with some copious amounts of  inspiration from hallucinogenic explorers of the 1960’s and 70’s inspired by the space race and psychedelia and the inspiring Technicolor sci-fi of the late 60’s.

Most of all, we take away massive inspiration from now, our computer generated present. We love the way our current customers recombine all these items into something new and daring. Taking the spirit of the past and the longing for a better future to make a new fashion statement.

l train vintage, Ltrainvintage, Brooklyn , new york city,

The Punk Psychedelia of @yokosnoopy rocking a floral hippie child 70’s one-piece from our 654 Sackett St park Slope Shop in Brooklyn.

Ltrainvintage, #LTVNYC, L train vintage, new york city, brooklyn

60’s Floral Psychedelia Print s at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts Fashion Show Summer 2014

Tie dye is even making a comeback outside the artistic and industrial bohemia and into the high fashion world of Marc Jacobs, Fausto Puglisi, and Burberry Prorsum’s. Its true one of our favorite, and your favorite, item this summer at L train vintage has been our collection of tied dyed T’s. Their is something cosmic, futuristic, yet exotically tropical about these pieces. Something that reminds us of the mysteries of the psychedelic initiation rituals of the Ancient people of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Not only that but the over saturation of tie dye colors belie the pixilated madness of animated gifs in the visual liberation, found mostly on the free art gallery of the world, the internet.

Tie Dye, Chilli Jilli, Brooklyn, Psychedelic, fashion,

Awesome Tie Dye inspiration from CHilli Jilli.

#ltrainvintage #psychedelic, art, Brooklyn, New York City

Psychedelic Internet Art ak GIFS!

The tied dyed t-shirt points to the past, to the cosmos, and to the future. We’re more than happy to be able to provide our customers with these items, items that we’ve come to love and cherish through our experiences at concert festivals and street fashion all around our great Gotham .

Remember: “WE ARE All MADE OF STAR STUFF.” Carl Sagan

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Boston Museum of Fine Arts showcasing some tie dye fashion straight from the late 1960’s.

L Train Vintage’s Story!

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Every vintage item has a story behind it and L Train Vintage has its own. Click on our new Our Story tab to read all about it!

Accompanied is a short documentary made by Chloe Yintzu Huang, which focuses on our location on Knickerbocker Ave in Brooklyn, Urban Jungle. Our one and only Jose Alejandro Perez speaks about L Train Vintage’s history and what we represent. Check it out!

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The L Train Vintage fashion vanguard: One Fugue Hundreds of Fashion Variations!

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We converted (upcycled) an old industrial warehouse into one of the most popular L Train Vintage stores in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Thrift stores are usually second hand dealers and while the license for conducting business in New York City within our field is given as 2nd Hand Dealer, anybody can understand that when it comes to understanding Small business NYC can be a boon and a wonderful headache. It’s important to keep in mind that at L Train Vintage all of our clothing are hand selected Vintage, Retro, and Contemporary upcycled goods. What is Upcycling?  Well firstly lets define recycling. Recycling is the process of breaking something down into its little itsy bitsy parts and then making something new out of it: hence Plastic!

Recycled materials are broken down into pieces. Upcycled materials are repurposed and reimagined into something new. Upcycling is a new term to describe a new market that is coming into being in the 21st Century. Upcycling is about taking an object that has outlived its original commercial use and reinventing it to meet the needs of now.

There’s Plenty of examples!

Saving trees from the death that is paper napkins! Turning them into lux cloth napkins!!

Obvs: the old becomes the new, you can take vintage fabric and transform it to house hold ware!

Obvs: the old becomes the new, you can take vintage fabric and transform it to house hold ware!




Using toys to make boring furniture beautiful!





Taking bottles of wine and using your creativity to produce a center piece for a home or a celebration.


Creativity comes at a price!

Creativity comes at a price!


Our favorite definition  is “to process [a material] so as to produce something that is often better than the original: I upcycled stained tablecloth into curtains.” or napkins!

Upcycled is about finding materials in the market place that the people reinvent, like pop-song remixes, or awesome covers of oldies, somethings are always popular, powerful, and beautiful. We at Ltrainvintage try to find those items and in a large part depend on the imagination and excellence of our customers to find new ways to use items that we think are worthy, so we say thank you. 

Our great selection is heavily dependent on our great customers. The more items are sold the more incentive we have to find what is next new and awesome from the past.

We can find the roots of upcycling all through out art history and pop-music history.

From Dada which used broken and old material and turned it into art, to neoclassicism which upcycled greek and roman culture from ancient times into the enlightenment of the 17th Century and for the architecture of the White House. This is a process that is as old and unique as humanity itself.

Most of our clothes are ‘used’, but in reality what in nature hasn’t been used? Not to wax philosophical , because i can and will, but the natural world is a process of upcycled atoms from stars to slugs to the hand of the greatest novelist who typed the prose that we love to read. Even our genetic code is old, useful, reused and eventually made new. Many of our customers take older clothes and refashion them into new outfits and social purposes.  Its like mutations of the genetic code! One genetic Fugue hundreds of fashion variations!

A Short Clip on upcycled genes by the wonderful Cosmos hosted by Carl Sagan.




No Sleep Till Brooklkyn’ The Mermaid Parade A Creative Brooklyn tradition since 1983!






Photo by @kostumekult of @lianafantastic

Sigh. Whats more brooklyn than Coney Island? Probably the Beastie Boys (RIP Adam Yauch), just a shout out. Its one of my favorite summer time festivals and probably one of the most beautiful in the world! It seeks to celebrate the pop culture glamour that was Coney Island in its heyday.

The event was founded in 1983 back when the C.I. had a bad reputation, it was created  by Dick. D Zigun (a yale graduate ya’ll #fancy) in order to celebrate the gorgeous post-war and pre-war cultural pop culture life of the area, and it did more than that! It became a Brooklyn institution in its own glorious right! It’s a summer tradition for many N.N.Yers (native new yorkers duh) and is a staple of the teeming cultural bohemia of NYC! We love this festival because it gives everybody a chance to get creative and wild, so were posting some pics from all over the web showing how Brooklyn, for lack of a better word, gets down! here’s some inspirational photos of awesomeness! TO get YOU geared up with awesome costume ideas! Amazingly chill! It really is something inexplicably beautiful!

(Ps i always go dressed like a mime, I don’t know why)

mermaidparade, mermaidbrooklyn, mermaidparade,

Mermaiparade! 2012

Follow @girlnyc a New York City based photographer for more awesome photos, and ask him if you can buy one of his beautiful prints!


Miss Jessica Layman dropping some serious fabric and creative knowledge at the mermaid parade circa last year! @sapphiresirens

Miss Jessica Layman dropping some serious fabric and creative knowledge at the mermaid parade circa last year!

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Flapper Mermaid!

Follow @218press for their awesome and i mean awesome collection of photos about post 9-11 subcultures and their transformative aspects.


Parades, Parties, and Protests Newly released book on art based protests and transformative subcultures post-911. Here the photo journey continues

Parades, Parties, and Protests Newly released book on art based protests and transformative subcultures post-911.

Here’s @DMJHernandez creating heavily on her mermaid Parade Costume 2014

Buy the 218 press book Parades, Parties, and Protests.

Bye bye bye for now y’all! (more of that 20th century pop culture vaudeville)

For some more historic minded photos check out

Check out more mermaid muses by #mermaidparade on instagram!

1st picture from @solar_fever