The L Train Vintage fashion vanguard: One Fugue Hundreds of Fashion Variations!

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We converted (upcycled) an old industrial warehouse into one of the most popular L Train Vintage stores in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Thrift stores are usually second hand dealers and while the license for conducting business in New York City within our field is given as 2nd Hand Dealer, anybody can understand that when it comes to understanding Small business NYC can be a boon and a wonderful headache. It’s important to keep in mind that at L Train Vintage all of our clothing are hand selected Vintage, Retro, and Contemporary upcycled goods. What is Upcycling?  Well firstly lets define recycling. Recycling is the process of breaking something down into its little itsy bitsy parts and then making something new out of it: hence Plastic!

Recycled materials are broken down into pieces. Upcycled materials are repurposed and reimagined into something new. Upcycling is a new term to describe a new market that is coming into being in the 21st Century. Upcycling is about taking an object that has outlived its original commercial use and reinventing it to meet the needs of now.

There’s Plenty of examples!

Saving trees from the death that is paper napkins! Turning them into lux cloth napkins!!

Obvs: the old becomes the new, you can take vintage fabric and transform it to house hold ware!

Obvs: the old becomes the new, you can take vintage fabric and transform it to house hold ware!




Using toys to make boring furniture beautiful!





Taking bottles of wine and using your creativity to produce a center piece for a home or a celebration.


Creativity comes at a price!

Creativity comes at a price!


Our favorite definition  is “to process [a material] so as to produce something that is often better than the original: I upcycled stained tablecloth into curtains.” or napkins!

Upcycled is about finding materials in the market place that the people reinvent, like pop-song remixes, or awesome covers of oldies, somethings are always popular, powerful, and beautiful. We at Ltrainvintage try to find those items and in a large part depend on the imagination and excellence of our customers to find new ways to use items that we think are worthy, so we say thank you. 

Our great selection is heavily dependent on our great customers. The more items are sold the more incentive we have to find what is next new and awesome from the past.

We can find the roots of upcycling all through out art history and pop-music history.

From Dada which used broken and old material and turned it into art, to neoclassicism which upcycled greek and roman culture from ancient times into the enlightenment of the 17th Century and for the architecture of the White House. This is a process that is as old and unique as humanity itself.

Most of our clothes are ‘used’, but in reality what in nature hasn’t been used? Not to wax philosophical , because i can and will, but the natural world is a process of upcycled atoms from stars to slugs to the hand of the greatest novelist who typed the prose that we love to read. Even our genetic code is old, useful, reused and eventually made new. Many of our customers take older clothes and refashion them into new outfits and social purposes.  Its like mutations of the genetic code! One genetic Fugue hundreds of fashion variations!

A Short Clip on upcycled genes by the wonderful Cosmos hosted by Carl Sagan.



“pratique, résistant et comfortable” cut-off denim shorts @Ltrainvintage.

Ltrainvintage, Bushwick brooklyn, best vintage in NYC, New York City, Paris, Summer, Sea

Practical, comfortable, and durable.

Sophie Enjoy is a 24 year old Parisian with an education in  design textiles and the environment. She grew up “not far from paris”. While in New York City she stopped by one of our L Train Vintage shops and grabbed a pair of “petit short vintage” that are “pratique, résistant et comfortable”. Less we miss the point she also looks stunning in them as she lounges on vacation near a sea that’s so blue the sky seems to be getting jealous.

In her short article she details her shopping experience at one of our L Train Vintage stores, how she tried on multiple pairs of our selection of active wear shorts until she settled on the American classic that is denim. With a little effort she found the perfect pair and came up to the counter with her “proud purchase.” She uses her L train vintage cut off shorts to easily switch from walking and lounging to diving into the sea by wearing her swimwear underneath her denim.

At the moment she work’s for a young brand named Datura located in New York City and is in charge of communication design. :) We thank you for the lovely photos.

l train vintage, summer, cutoff shorts, sea, fun , swimwear, best vintage shop in NYC, @ltrainvintage Ltrainvintage.com

Sophie rocking a bun like its nobodies business.



No Relation Vintage Brooklyn 5,652 Square feet of Vintage, Retro, and UpCycled Clothing in the heart of Brooklyn.

No relation Vintage shop, 654 Sackett St. Map Brooklyn Ny her Barclay Center, Gowanus, Best of Brooklyn, Vintage, Best of Vintage, Park Slope, Authentic ,, Real 5th ave Brooklyn, 4th ave brooklyn NY

No relation Vintage shop, 654 Sackett St. Map Brooklyn Ny her Barclay Center

The second No Relation Vintage Shop in New York City was opened in September of 2013. This shop consist of two two story buildings converted into a vintage shop in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. It is located in the nexus of neighborhoods that is the border of Park Slope and Gowanus. Each item is a hand selected piece of clothing ranging from true vintage and retro to upcycled contemporary clothing and footwear. The store is 95 feet long by 69 feet wide, which is pretty big. It is the second store to be opened in the Downtown Brooklyn area and one of the largest stores in the area by square footage. It can service all the neighborhoods that are accessible through the Atlantic Barclay Center train station and provides Manhattan quality goods without the travel time to the city center. Inside the store there is a horizontal depiction of the Empire State Building as well as a city scape that tries to bring the center of Manhattan into Brooklyn, a homage to the big sister of Brooklyn.

No Relation Vintage Shop Sackett St. Brooklyn Ny. 11217 Gowanus, Park Slope Brooklyn

No Relation Vintage Shop Sackett St. Brooklyn Ny. 11217 Gowanus, Park Slope Brooklyn

Neighborhoods near that shop that will have easier access to the our Ltrainvintage collection are Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, South Slope, Prospect Heights, Weeksvile, Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill, East Flatbush, Windsor Terrace, Red Hook, Sunset Park, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and DUMBO Brooklyn. It is serviceable more locally through different train stations. Though Atlantic Av- Barclay Center is the easiest choice,  the R station at Union St. is a block away from the shop. If your coming from Carroll Gardens the F and G train stop at Carroll St is the stop to come from. Yes, the shop does provide Manhattan quality goods, there is always the aim to make sure the items are not only of great quality but are also extremely affordable. For an understanding of the L train vintage ethos check out this short documentary here by one of L train vintage’s biggest fans.

654 Sackett St Brooklyn Ny 11217 No realtion Vintage Shop, L Train Vintage

654 Sackett St Brooklyn Ny 11217 No realtion Vintage Shop, L Train Vintage


Must-dos for New York City? Village Style Vintage Shop in the East Village. Thanks Modcloth!


Here’s a little review from the powerhouse in vintage taste that is Modcloth.com about Bonnie’s favorite Vintage shop in the East Village in NYC.


Village Style. “A new favorite spot in the East Village is Village Style, an adorable vintage shop containing beauties from decades past. [It has] the best selection of vintage that I have come by so far in the city. On my first visit, I couldn’t help but snag a beautiful mod style coat that has quickly become one of my staple pieces during this cold winter. I can’t wait to go back and scour the racks again, and I’m pretty sure in a few weeks, the shop owners will know me by name!”

Thanks for the tour, Bonnie!


We know it aint winter time ya’ll so we’re now just gonna provide you with the items to keep you cool: shorts, t-shirts, beach sweaters… summer!

Emphasis added by us!



Check out this little article from Time Out New York about our South Park Slope Viceversa.

Vice Versa 5th. Ave. South Park Slope

Vice Versa 5th. Ave. South Park Slope

denim cut off shorts vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

denim cut off shorts
vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

Posted: Fri May 11 2012

denim cut off shorts vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

denim cut off shorts
vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

L Train Vintage, a company that heads a group of local thrift stores, has opened its sixth location—the fourth in Brooklyn. Unlike the other shops (Vice Versa and Atlantis Attic in Williamsburg, Urban Jungle in Bushwick, and Village Style and No Relation Vintage in Manhattan), located along the L train’s path, this one is rooted closer to the R train.

Despite the different setting, the merchandise and decor remain the same, keeping in tune with the minichain’s focus: Garb for men and women sells for as little as $5 (everything tops out at $100). Footwear includes Converse classics ($7–$10), Justin cowboy boots ($25–$75) and Timberland desert lace-ups ($15–$20).

Women will find current- and past-season threads and accessories, including a vintage fox-fur cropped coat ($75), Lee denim jackets ($20) and assorted labelless costume jewelry ($5–$25).


The Gorgeous Chiara of the Brooklyn De Blasio’s shopping at our Gowanus Brooklyn location near the De Blassio’s Park Slope Home.


Chiara De Blasio Rocks!

Chiara De Blasio @ Ltrainvintage Gowanus, near the De Blasio’s Park Slope home.

Check out the full article at amnewyork.com.

Here’s our store location near ParkSlope Brooklyn No Relation Vintage Store Gowanus


Broke and Chic: Bushwick Edition!

Screen Shot from Brokeandchic.com's awesome short.

Screen Shot from Brokeandchic.com’s awesome short.



The Best Thrift Shops in Bushwick

The Best Thrift Shops in Bushwick, Brooklyn a wonderfully precise video made by the peeps at brokeandchic.com listing the best places to go shopping for some upcycled thrift clothing and footwear lists our Viceversa 71 White St. location, as not only the best spot in Bushwick, but an excellent and the best place for women’s clothing and shoes. “Women: Go here for t-shirts, denim cut-offs, button-ups, purses, jean jackets, leather coats, camouflage and cowboy boots.”

Urban Jungle places on number three, saying “This thrift shop is amazing for guys.”. So ladies if your having trouble finding stuff at Urban Jungle just walk two minutes to Viceversa 71 White st. where we have a larger Women’s selection! Viceversa 71 White st. boasts what is probably the largest selection of women’s thrift, upcycled, and vintage clothing in all of New York City!  Urban Jungle probably boasts the largest collection of men’s thrift, upcycled, and vintage clothing in all of New York City! And their both a two minute walk from each other! “Gotta Catch em’ All!”

Unadulterated Imagination

At Ltrainvintage we thrive on the imagination of our costumers and of our community surrounding our headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Fashion and music are mega-linked almost meta-responsible for each other and an advancement in music is usually followed in an advancement in fashion, and viceversa! (ha)

In the spirit of spring time ingenuity in the arts we present to you the brilliant Swiss artist Oy , master of the digital EDM movement as well as John Cage’s advancements on what we can consider music. Much like our customers Oy is creativity incarnate. Mixing and matching the mundane and basic and creating something extraordinary.

In line with our ethos of repurposing objects Oy uses a ballon to create amazing psychedelic sounds. She makes a throat out of the ballon.
If visual pretension happens to get the best of you, we suggest closing your eyes and listening, and then re-watching the video so you can see how she creates these unearthly sounds and awesome beats. In other words prepare thyself to be schooled!

Our favorites which are currently playing at our headquarters include,
-The Tortoise and The Hunter
-Hallelujah! Hair!
-Market Place

Check out her new album