Check out this little article from Time Out New York about our South Park Slope Viceversa.

Vice Versa 5th. Ave. South Park Slope

Vice Versa 5th. Ave. South Park Slope

denim cut off shorts vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

denim cut off shorts
vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

Posted: Fri May 11 2012

denim cut off shorts vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

denim cut off shorts
vice versa 550 5th ave Sourh Park Slope

L Train Vintage, a company that heads a group of local thrift stores, has opened its sixth location—the fourth in Brooklyn. Unlike the other shops (Vice Versa and Atlantis Attic in Williamsburg, Urban Jungle in Bushwick, and Village Style and No Relation Vintage in Manhattan), located along the L train’s path, this one is rooted closer to the R train.

Despite the different setting, the merchandise and decor remain the same, keeping in tune with the minichain’s focus: Garb for men and women sells for as little as $5 (everything tops out at $100). Footwear includes Converse classics ($7–$10), Justin cowboy boots ($25–$75) and Timberland desert lace-ups ($15–$20).

Women will find current- and past-season threads and accessories, including a vintage fox-fur cropped coat ($75), Lee denim jackets ($20) and assorted labelless costume jewelry ($5–$25).

The Gorgeous Chiara of the Brooklyn De Blasio’s shopping at our Gowanus Brooklyn location near the De Blassio’s Park Slope Home.


Chiara De Blasio Rocks!

Chiara De Blasio @ Ltrainvintage Gowanus, near the De Blasio’s Park Slope home.

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Here’s our store location near ParkSlope Brooklyn No Relation Vintage Store Gowanus


Broke and Chic: Bushwick Edition!

Screen Shot from's awesome short.

Screen Shot from’s awesome short.



The Best Thrift Shops in Bushwick

The Best Thrift Shops in Bushwick, Brooklyn a wonderfully precise video made by the peeps at listing the best places to go shopping for some upcycled thrift clothing and footwear lists our Viceversa 71 White St. location, as not only the best spot in Bushwick, but an excellent and the best place for women’s clothing and shoes. “Women: Go here for t-shirts, denim cut-offs, button-ups, purses, jean jackets, leather coats, camouflage and cowboy boots.”

Urban Jungle places on number three, saying “This thrift shop is amazing for guys.”. So ladies if your having trouble finding stuff at Urban Jungle just walk two minutes to Viceversa 71 White st. where we have a larger Women’s selection! Viceversa 71 White st. boasts what is probably the largest selection of women’s thrift, upcycled, and vintage clothing in all of New York City!  Urban Jungle probably boasts the largest collection of men’s thrift, upcycled, and vintage clothing in all of New York City! And their both a two minute walk from each other! “Gotta Catch em’ All!”

Unadulterated Imagination

At Ltrainvintage we thrive on the imagination of our costumers and of our community surrounding our headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Fashion and music are mega-linked almost meta-responsible for each other and an advancement in music is usually followed in an advancement in fashion, and viceversa! (ha)

In the spirit of spring time ingenuity in the arts we present to you the brilliant Swiss artist Oy , master of the digital EDM movement as well as John Cage’s advancements on what we can consider music. Much like our customers Oy is creativity incarnate. Mixing and matching the mundane and basic and creating something extraordinary.

In line with our ethos of repurposing objects Oy uses a ballon to create amazing psychedelic sounds. She makes a throat out of the ballon.
If visual pretension happens to get the best of you, we suggest closing your eyes and listening, and then re-watching the video so you can see how she creates these unearthly sounds and awesome beats. In other words prepare thyself to be schooled!

Our favorites which are currently playing at our headquarters include,
-The Tortoise and The Hunter
-Hallelujah! Hair!
-Market Place

Check out her new album


A Lovely Review and Some Help Full Advice for LTrain Vintage shoppers… “don’t bring an anti-bargain shopper as your companion.”


Here’s a great review of No Relation Vintage in Gowanus Brooklyn by With some great advice  shopping  at our stores New Brooklyn City as well as some awesome photos! Why shouldn’t you bring anti-bargain people along?

Bye Bye Vice Versa (Bedford Ave) HELLO Vice Versa on White St

Bye Bye Vice Versa (Bedford Ave) HELLO Vice Versa on White St

Bitter sweet moment for us at VIce Versa. We ARE moving our shop on Bedford Avenue (Brooklyn) to 71 White St. Brooklyn, New York 11207. Vice Versa on Bedford was great to us, but it is time to grow and double the size of Vice Versa. THE NEW SHOP WILL BE HUGE!!!!! Friend us on Instagram to keep up with whats happening and for the exact opening date.

L Train Vintage’s Story!

Every vintage item has a story behind it and L Train Vintage has its own. Click on our new Our Story tab to read all about it!

Accompanied is a short documentary made by Chloe Yintzu Huang, which focuses on our location on Knickerbocker Ave in Brooklyn, Urban Jungle. Our one and only Jose Alejandro Perez speaks about L Train Vintage’s history and what we represent. Check it out!

America Tells Its Story With Red, White, And Blue!

july2july1july3Nothing says July like America’s colors. July is all about retelling the U.S.A.’s story with vintage pieces. Play it up with different prints and styles while you rock the red, white, and blue. Let’s celebrate July with style! Remember to follow us @ltrainvintage and tag your pics #ltrainvintage!